House of Design Architects

Barnes Street

This project in Stepney, East London has recently completed on site.

We successfully gained planning permission to extend and refurbish a locally listed early 19th century house within the Stepney Green Conservation Area. The rear extension responds to the local context and is stepped in plan to prevent overshadowing to neighbouring windows. The extension is viewed as a bipartite arrangement of solid and transparency. The solid part is clad in standing seam zinc which has a material similarity to lead, a traditional and common material found in the Conservation Area. The transparent half allows the historic rear elevation of the building to be viewed in the full and floors the extension and landlocked rooms beyond with natural light. The delineation of the step in plan is blurred by the introduction of a corner opening sliding door. When this is opened the flush threshold between the external patio and the internal finishes allow the garden to become part of the room.

Rear extension

View across breakfast room

View from kitchen


Corner opening sliding door

View of side passage


Brick to zinc detail